Welcome to Dragon's Fire Rust

What Makes Us Special

  • 2x Gather, Recycling, Crafting & Smelting Speed/Rate
  • Vanilla Loot But Better + Always Improving
  • Shorter Night Cycle (Night lasts 5 mins and Day lasts 55 mins)
  • Supply Drops are marked with a pink circle on the map
  • Furnace Splitter & Auto use of Low Grade Fuel out of TC for Lights.
  • Free Starter Kit (type /kit in game to redeem)
  • Duelist plugin for PVP lovers (type /duel for 1v1 or TDM with random weapons)
  • In-Game Rewards (Earn Skins, Kits, Items, and more by playing the game!)
  • Scoreboards for kills, time played, and a lot more
  • ClansReborn & Friendly Fire (/clan help and /ff)
  • Reserved Queue, BGrade, Enhanced Hammer, Skinbox, Crosshairs & Box Sorter (VIP & Above)

Wipe + Map Details

  • Map Size is 4250 & Wipes Every Thursday (Next Map Wipe: PST)
  • BP Wipes are only if Facepunch forces it, which is random.
  • Community Map Votes on Discord


  • 3 Player Roaming Limit (Unlimited within Main Base TC Range)
  • No Cheating, Glitching, or Exploits
  • No Racism
  • Excessive chat toxicity, spamming, or advertising will be muted/banned.
  • More Details In Our Discord

Bans issued upon sufficient evidence collected via screenshot or video

Report any suspected cheating to @ASWeiler from in our Discord.